THE 3 – BMW 3 series Sedan G20 Tuning

BMW M340i xDrive Sedan probably the strongest and only real alternative to the all new BMW M3 Sedan G80.

No doubt that the top dog of the 3 series BMW M is the all new BMW M3 Sedan G80. In this category the purchase price is not the primary criterion in making a decision. Nevertheless, the BMW 3 series M340i xDrive Sedan upgraded by dAHLer offers a real alternative in terms of performance.

Our Engine tuning performance upgrades work with cars before and after production 06/2020!

Go in the fast lane of life and unleash up to 430 hp (316 kW) -> 435 hp for US Models and impressive 610 Nm (450 ft-lbs) of torque and control the power via your smartphone with the available dAHLer Competition Line engine performance upgrade and leave a lasting impression with your dAHLer customized BMW 3 series Sedan M340i xDrive.

THE 3 – BMW 3 series G20 Sedan M340i & M340d: Engine Performance Tuning


M340i xDrive           M340d xDrive

Max HP gain:          Max HP gain:
56 hp / 41 kW          54 hp / 40 kW

Max trq. gain:         Max trq. gain:
110 Nm / 81 ft-lbs  100 Nm / 74 ft-lbs

THE 3 – BMW 3 series Sedan G20 340i xDrive & 3400d xDrive

M340i based on 374 hp (275 kW), 500 Nm (369 ft-lbs):

  • Enhanced power: 430 hp (317 kW), 610 Nm (450 ft-lbs)
    based on 98 octane gas rating

M340d based 340 hp (250 kW), 700 Nm (516 ft-lbs):

  • Enhanced power: 394 hp (290 kW), 800 Nm (590 ft-lbs)

– WLTP-E6d-temp tested and EU/CH homologated by the German TUV
– Engine Performance Tuning Module includes wiring harness


  • Works with cars before and after production 06/2020
  • No removal of the DME required
  • Controlling of the Performance Tuning via your smartphone
  • Quick Plug & Play Installation
  • Runs as smoothly as stock, this is how your BMW should have come from the factory
  • Compatible with all driving modes
  • Fuel economy unchanged during normal driving
  • 93 octane or less compatible tuning maps
  • Not VIN locked, can be removed without a trace and resold down the road
  • Developed in Switzerland and Made in Germany
  • Tested on the German Autobahn
  • Comes with TUV Part Approval (emission tests according to WLTC regulations)
  • Worldwide 3-year product warranty

App Control

Controlling of the dAHLer Engine Performance Upgrade via your smartphone is just one of the awesome features of our tuning module.

With our tuning module you have the option to choose your own and fully customizable driving program. Wirelessly connect the dAHLer engine tuning performance module to your Bluetooth 4.0 compatible iOS and Android device via the free dAHLer Mobile app.

This option allows you to change 3 different performance maps, and update the firmware worldwide as we release free newer versions with updates, more powerful maps. If desired the extra power can be easily switched on or off with your smartphone, even while driving.

Our app includes a configurable warm-up timer, so the pilot can decide how long warming up is needed before using the engine tuning. A separate Mobile app purchase is not required!

We will provide you the app after the purchase of our engine performance upgrade free of charge.

dAHLer mobile app settings dAHLer mobile app registration

Performance Tuning for BMW Plug-in Hybrid and BMW Mild Hybrid models

A BMW plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) like the BMW 330e Sedan or BMW 330e xDrive is a BMW whose battery can be charged by connecting to an external power source as well as by its board motor and generator, this we all know.

BMW mild hybrid models, however, do not have a purely electric drive. Here, the electric motor offers greater efficiency by replacing the starter and alternator with a single device that supports the drive train.

Choosing a plug-in hybrid BMW can improve the efficiency and you get Federal Tax Credits for New All-Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles like the 2021 BMW 330e Sedan or BMW 330e xDrive Sedan.

Do these findings mean that you shouldn’t tune or upgrade a hybrid vehicle?

Hell no!

You have to have driven a performance-enhanced BMW plug-in hybrid or Mild Hybrid model!

Driving a performance enhanced BMW plug-in hybrid like the Sedan is more fun than a conventional BMW 330i thanks to the additional electric motor. The tremendous power development of both drives pushes the driver into the seat.

Specialized in BMW plug-in hybrid performance enhancements

For many years, we have been testing and developing engine performance tuning solutions for BMW plug-in hybrid models and have had some positive experience. You could say that we have specialized in performance enhancements for BMW plug-in hybrids.

With the latest generation of BMW mild hybrid cars, we got the same positive results when it comes to tuning the engine performance.

Since only the power of the gasoline engine of the BMW plug-in hybrid or BMW mild hybrid is increased and both systems work independently of one another, there have been no disruptions in daily driving so far.

The BMW TwinPower Turbo engine in combination with an electric motor and our engine performance tuning offers more power, range and efficiency for your daily journeys.

What about the latest diesel technology?

Here, too, our team has year of of experience. Our Engine Performance Tuning Module for BMW diesel cars is totally different from competitors and does not increase any injection pressure at all (cheap rail pressure increase systems).

The dAHLer Engine Performance Tuning Module for the BMW 3 series Sedan G20 318d, 320d, 330d and M340d xDrive lengthens the injection time by a small amount which results in more power and torque but stays within the BMW engine’s safety regulations. Our latest technology also controls boost pressure to unleash a wave of torque at low rpm which will push you into the seat.

THE 3 – BMW 3 series Sedan M340i xDrive G20: Eventuri Intake

Fitment for all BMW 3 series Sedan M340i xDrive with B58 engine built after November 2018.

THE 3 – BMW 3 series Sedan G20: Power Pedal

Our Performance Tuning Power Pedal Box can be installed in almost all BMW 3 series Sedan G20 and is ready for use immediately after installation and will give your BMW 3 series Sedan a 10% quicker in acceleration.

THE 3 – BMW 3 series Sedan M340i xDrive G20: Performance Exhaust System

4-pipe stainless steel performance exhaust system

An addition to our exceptional performance upgrades for your BMW 3 series Sedan M340i xDrive G20 is the dAHLer performance exhaust system, taking it to the next level.

THE 3 – BMW 3 series M340i xDrive: Sound Video

4-pipe stainless steel performance exhaust system

THE 3 – BMW 3 series Sedan G20: Exhaust Flap/Valve Control

Our Exhaust Flap Control Module for the BMW M340i xDrive, 330i, 330e, 320i and 318i Sedan G20 series was developed and manufactured in Germany and is a must have if you like to control the sound of your car.

THE 3 – BMW 3 series Sedan G20: Performance Lowering Kit

Performance Lowering Springs are the first step in suspension performance enhancement. A dAHLer lowering kit for the BMW 3 series Sedan G20 is a performance spring set created for the serious enthusiast.

THE 3 – BMW 3 series Sedan G20: Coilover Suspension

dAHLer Performance Coilover System provides a sport-tuned, height, damping, and body adjustable suspension with substantial performance benefits using high quality materials and coatings to replace your worn suspension, all while giving your BMW 3 series Sedan G20 that perfect ride height!

THE 3 – BMW 3 series Sedan G20: 20” FORGED Wheel Sets

Modern BMW cars like the BMW 3 series Sedan G20 typically come with these heavy stock alloy wheels. Even when you have spent lots of money on a better BMW accessory wheel & tire package, those wheels are still not weight optimized and most of the people won’t recognize the difference as they simply think those wheels come from factory anyhow. It needs a real BMW enthusiast to tell the difference.

So, how to make a real difference?

THE 3 – BMW 3 series Sedan G20: Complete 20” Wheel and Tire Package

dAHLer light alloy wheel and tire packages in 20 inch for the BMW 3 series Sedan G20 are not only much more attractive than most of the heavy stock BMW alloy wheels they are mostly lighter and therefore require less energy to rotate.

BMW 3-series G20 Sedan: Chassis Tuning

Body parts such as sets of exterior M style mirror caps in high-gloss black or real carbon, front splitter, and kidney grilles in different versions or a real carbon trunk spoiler are available for the BMW 3-series G20 Sedan.

Why to add a dAHLer Front Splitter?

Aerodynamics is the study of how gasses interact with moving objects. The two basic aerodynamic forces are drag and lift.

A lot of rear downforce itself can cause understeer and no one wants that. It would help to balance things out to add downforce to the front tires using a front splitter.

When a front splitter is added, it increases the amount of area, air can stack up against while helping more of it move over the car. Now with more pressure on top and lower pressure underneath you’ve got a net downforce on those front tires.

THE 3 – BMW 3 series Sedan G20: Pedal Sets

dAHLer matt aluminium pedal sets for BMW 3 series Sedan G20

THE 3 – BMW 3 series Sedan G20: Floor Mats

dAHLer Floor Mats for BMW 3 series Sedan G20

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