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BMW M2 CS F87 Tuning

BMW M2 CS the real deal.

If a BMW M vehicle bears the addition club sport ex works, then it can already be driven extremely sporty. This also applies to the BMW M2 CS, which is consistently designed for high performance and use on the race track in every detail. There is still plenty of potential for tuning the BMW M2 CS, it is simply the icing on the cake.

Go in the fast lane of life and unleash up to 510 hp (375 kW) -> 502 hp for US Models and impressive 650 Nm (480 ft-lbs) of torque and control the power via your smartphone with the available dAHLer Competition Line engine performance upgrade and leave a lasting impression with your dAHLer customized BMW M2 CS.

Our Engine tuning performance upgrades work with cars before and after production 06/2020!

BMW M2 CS: Engine Performance Tuning


EU Version                 US Version

Max HP gain:              Max HP gain:
60 hp / 44 kW              58 hp

Max Torque gain:       Max Torque gain:
100 Nm / 74 ft-lbs        74 ft-lbs

Standard power:        Standard power:
450 hp (331 kW)          444 hp
550 Nm (406 ft-lbs)      406 ft-lbs

Enhanced power:       Enhanced power:
510 hp (375 kW)          502 hp
650 Nm (479 ft-lbs)      480 ft-lbs

Based on 98 octane     Based on 93 octane


  • Works with cars before and after production 06/2020
  • No removal of the DME required
  • Controlling of the Performance Tuning via your smartphone
  • Quick Plug & Play Installation
  • Runs as smoothly as stock, this is how your BMW should have come from the factory
  • Compatible with all driving modes
  • Fuel economy unchanged during normal driving
  • 93 octane or less compatible tuning maps
  • Not VIN locked, can be removed without a trace and resold down the road
  • Developed in Switzerland and Made in Germany
  • Tested on the German Autobahn
  • Comes with TUV Part Approval (emission tests according to WLTC regulations)
  • Worldwide 3-year product warranty

App Control

Controlling of the dAHLer Engine Performance Upgrade via your smartphone is just one of the awesome features of our tuning module.

With our tuning module you have the option to choose your own and fully customizable driving program. Wirelessly connect the dAHLer engine tuning performance module to your Bluetooth 4.0 compatible iOS and Android device via the free dAHLer Mobile app.

This option allows you to change 3 different performance maps, and update the firmware worldwide as we release free newer versions with updates, more powerful maps. If desired the extra power can be easily switched on or off with your smartphone, even while driving.

Our app includes a configurable warm-up timer, so the pilot can decide how long warming up is needed before using the engine tuning. A separate Mobile app purchase is not required!

We will provide you the app after the purchase of our engine performance upgrade free of charge.

dAHLer mobile app settings dAHLer mobile app registration


Our Engine Performance Tuning Module for the BMW M2 CS integrates flawlessly to extract maximum power and torque without faults and errors – just flawless. The harness has OEM style plugs to connect in-line with each boost pressure sensor and the camshaft position sensor on the engine.

Our Engine Performance Tuning Module for the BMW M2 CS is completely reversible to OEM specs and installs in about 1 hour just in a few simple steps. This will be a safely upgrade which makes this the easiest and most effective power upgrade you will ever make on your BMW M2 CS . For a substantial increase in power output, with minimal downtime for installation, full serviceability, and can be reverted back to stock then this Engine Performance Tuning Module power upgrade is best!

Inside our dAHLer Engine Performance Tuning Module is an advanced control unit that is designed to optimize and work with the factory BMW ECU. BMW M2 CS maps and algorithms within the control unit have been elevated for this BMW engine, sending improved fuel and ignition parameters to the stock ECU to control boost depending on load, engine speed, and other factors.

Also included in the scope of delivery is an adapter which, when installed, returns the vehicle to its original state without having to remove the cable harness of the dAHLer engine performance upgrade. This can be used, for example, at a workshop appointment.


With our Engine Performance Tuning Module all of the factory safeguards of your BMW M2 CS remain in place, including overload protection and warm-up protocols to preserve longevity and factory drive-ability. One of the amazing advantages of this type of system is that it is unaffected by factory BMW updates and service.

If BMW updates the computer software, our Engine Performance Tuning Module is not lost or overwritten. This is where competitor tuning modules fall short! This is just another key aspect of our module because BMW is constantly releasing small software updates. All of the factory diagnostics and service access is retained.

The Performance Tuning Module is undetectable to plug-in diagnostic readers and it leaves no traces behind. A valet connector is included and installs in minutes to bypass the Engine Performance Tuning Module and revert the car to factory settings. With the valet plug installed the BMW engine computer will use the stock maps instead of getting modified data from the Engine Performance Tuning Module.

BMW M2 CS engine performance tuning upgrade

BWM M2 CS: Eventuri Carbon Intake

The BMW M2 CS Eventuri intake has been developed to provide the turbo with a less restrictive flow path whilst maintaining low inlet temperatures.

Crafted from Prepreg Carbon Fiber, the airbox serves 2 objectives – to seal the filter against engine bay heat and to provide a dual cold air feed.

With a smooth inlet track to the MAF tube/Engine inlet and by ensuring Eventuri has an effective cold air supply to the filters, the resultant performance increases translate to an enhanced driving experience:

  • Throttle response is sharper as air speeds in the inlet track are maintained by the Venturi effect
  • Low/mid-range torque is increased which improves general drivability. The car feels more aggressive and eager to drive, like an engine tuning performance.
  • Top end power is increased as the engine is allowed to draw in cold air with less restriction.

Couple the dAHLer engine performance tuning increase with a more audible and sonorous induction sound and the overall driving experience is much more involving and more fun.


Each Eventuri intake system consists of:

  • Carbon Fiber Airbox with Dual Feeds
  • Bespoke High Flow Dry Cone Filter
  • Carbon Fiber Inlet Tube
  • CNC Machined Temperature Sensor Mount
  • CNC Machined Breather adapter
  • Heat Shield with Gold Reflective Backing
  • Laser Cut Stainless Steel Brackets
  • Silicon Coupler with OEM Specification Clamps

BWM M2 CS: Eventuri Carbon Chargepipes


Introducing the Eventuri Raw Carbon Fiber BMW M2 CS Chargepipes. Eventuri has invested months of intense R&D in development and testing to bring you OEM replacement chargepipes which leave no room for compromise. FITMENT- FLOW QUALITY – STRENGTH are the 3 main design criteria which we sought to meet.

1) FITMENT : A common issue with aftermarket chargepipes is the poor fitment due to the nature in which they are made using bent metal tubes. Clearances with the engine cover and other aftermarket intake systems can be an issue. Our solution with using carbon fiber allows us to use complex geometry in order to provide and OEM-like fitment whilst retaining optimum flow.

2) FLOW QUALITY : Eventuri design for the M2 CS uses smooth curve transitions from the turbo outlets to the charge-cooler. In addition Eventuri increased the internal volume as compared to the BMW M2 CS OEM version to allow the turbos to work with less restriction. Importantly our machined flange attachment to the turbo outlet maintains a constant diameter to the chargepipes without and exposed edges which could cause turbulence. This is an improvement over aftermarket metal BMW M2 CS chargepipes which often have welds between the flange and the tubes.

3) STRENGTH : The final criteria was to increase the structural strength of the chargepipes over the OEM versions. It is becoming increasingly common for the OEM chargepipes to fail especially with tuned cars running higher boost levels. By using a cross-directional carbon weave layup with multiple layers to form a 2mm wall thickness, Eventuri chargepipes for the BMW M2 CS provide an incredibly strong solution for reliable operation even with larger turbos. Furthermore we have embedded CNC machined stainless steel rings into the openings where the clamps are tightened to ensure the pipes maintain their shape even under high clamping forces.

In order to increase the structural reliability of the Eventuri carbon chargepipes Eventuri has not added methanol ports into them. Instead we are developing a separate J-pipe which will incorporate multiple methanol ports. Having these ports in the J-pipe is also a more suitable location for additional cooling since it is immediately before the inlet manifold.

BMW M2 CS: Power Pedal

Our Performance Tuning Power Pedal Box can be installed in your BMW M2 CS F87 and is ready for use immediately after installation and will give your BMW M2 CS  a 10% quicker in acceleration.

Our Performance Tuning Power Pedal Box for the BMW M2 CS is a direct plug in to the existing (OEM) engine harness at the gas pedal. There are only POSITIVES.

The dAHLer Performance Tuning Power Pedal Box for the BMW M2 CS is completely reversible to OEM specs and installs in less than 30 minutes just in a few simple steps.

Selected optimization mode of the dAHLer Performance Tuning Power Pedal Box can be read at a glance as it is visualizing with a clear LED program and the device always remembers the last driver’s setting even after an engine stop.

Optimized control signals also offer significant fuel savings depending on the BMW M2 CS driving mode.

The dAHLer Performance Tuning Power Pedal actually sends the signal to the computer (BMW engine ECU) a lot quicker.


  • Adjustable at 18 different characteristic lines
  • 10% quicker in acceleration
  • Improves the response of your BMW immediately after installation
  • Quick Plug & Play Installation
  • Compatible with all BMW driving modes
  • Fuel economy unchanged during normal driving
  • Not VIN locked, can be removed without a trace and resold down the road
  • Made in Europe -> developed in Switzerland, manufactured in Germany
  • Worldwide 3-year product warranty

BMW M2 CS: Performance Exhaust System

4-pipe stainless steel performance exhaust system

An addition to our exceptional performance upgrades for your BMW M2 CS is the dAHLer performance exhaust system, taking it to the next level.

You’re looking for a high-quality German-made stainless steel performance exhaust system with exhaust flap for your BMW M2 CS F87?

Our dAHLer performance exhaust systems for the BMW M2 CS is handcrafted from high quality 1.4301 stainless steel and are Made in Germany by a team of specialists at an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility.

A dAHLer performance exhaust system for the BMW M2 CS comes with a high-performance muffler(s) and double exhaust flap system with no drone on the highway of a much more aggressive sound then the stock muffler but still be perfectly livable for daily driving.

Not only do we engineer our valve-controlled performance mufflers to sound good we engineer the performance exhaust systems that fit your BMW M2 CS properly for a much easier installation.

Designed to mount using the factory BMW M2 CS F87 exhaust hangers, the dAHLer performance exhaust system is a bolt-on replacement for the OEM version. To help reduce the time you spend installing the dAHLer performance exhaust system on your BMW 3 series Sedan M340i xDrive, slip-fit joints are included to make fitment as easy as possible. Our quad or double exhaust tips are designed to fit the stock BMW M diffuser.

The dAHLer performance exhaust system for the BMW M2 CS includes a high-flow, valve controlled, stainless-steel performance muffler, and is available as a cat-back system.

Our performance exhaust system for the BMW M2 CS is here to improve your driving experience with an awesome sound and a noticeable bump in performance.

Under normal driving conditions, our valve-controlled performance muffler stays closed, and the dAHLer performance exhaust system for the BMW M2 CS is quite unassuming and nobody will really even suspect your car even has an aftermarket performance exhaust system or muffler. But, when you open up the throttle, the valve-controlled system opens up the exhaust flaps, and our performance exhaust system gives your BMW M2 CS a menacing growl.

For those who want to be fully in command of the exhaust sound at any time and get the race car like feeling, dAHLer offers an exhaust flap remote-controlled device.

For more details make sure you check out our category Exhaust Flap / Valve Control

BMW M2 CS Sound Video

dAHLer 4-pipe stainless steel performance exhaust system

BMW M2 CS: Exhaust Flap/Valve Control

Our Exhaust Flap Control Module for the BMW M2 CS was developed and manufactured in Germany and is a must have if you like to control the sound of your car.

With the device installed you can manually open and close the standard built-in exhaust flap of your BMW M2 CS F87 at any time. It operates at the push of a button on the in delivery included remote control or can be programmed to your mirror buttons, so the system will be very well integrated.

Installation of our Exhaust Flap / Valve Control Module in your BMW M2 CS is easy and can be carried out by anyone with a little manual skill. The device is a direct plug in to the existing (OEM) harness. You pull out the original plug and connect it to the socket. The other plug is then connected to the socket on the exhaust flap and the connection is done.

The complete installation takes place in the trunk and under-body. You look for a cable duct or unused sealing plug that leads from the inside to the outside. Power supply comes directly from the original plugs and there is no need to lay cables through the interior of the vehicle.

With our smart Exhaust Flap / Valve Control Module, one cannot close the exhaust flap permanently. This is for safety reasons as when driving at full throttle with the exhaust flap closed it could damage the engine in a long term.

You can choose between 2 options

Flap Control S
You can switch the exhaust flap to OPEN permanently and back to STOCK function   with the 2-button remote control.

With the OPEN function the flap stays open until you either close it via remote or turn off engine. With the STOCK function the BMW engine control unit takes over the opening and closing. The start setting is predefined to STOCK and cannot be changed.

Flap Control X
(Extra Features)
In addition, Stage 2 has the functions of Stage 1 and the following:

Start mode adjustable via remote control or memory function

Exhaust Flap Control BMW M2 CS remote

BMW M2 CS: Performance Lowering Kit

Performance Lowering Springs are the first step in suspension performance enhancement. A dAHLer lowering kit for the BMW M2 CS is a performance spring set created for the serious enthusiast.

A sports spring set with the lowest possible drop but with the exceptional ride quality you expect from a high-class tuner like dAHLer.

Using progressive spring technology to lower the vehicle’s center of gravity.

This proprietary progressive design delivery, both a smooth softer initial spring rate for exceptional ride quality combined with a stiffer final rate for high performance handling of your BMW M2 CS F87.

The benefits of a lower stance are many. Let’s begin with the performance advantages of a dAHLer sports spring set installed in your BMW M2 CS.

A dAHLer lowering spring equipped BMW M2 CS will exhibit reduced body roll in corners as well as reduce squat during acceleration and diminish nosedive under braking.

Another performance advantage that is often overlooked is the reduced drag coefficient. A dAHLer sports spring set for the BMW M2 CS cars provides the ultimate balance between high performance, extreme lowering and comfortable ride quality.

BMW M2 CS – dAHLer 20” FORGED Wheel Sets

Modern BMW M cars like the BMW M2 CS already come with FORGED wheels from the factory.

So, how to make a real difference?

dAHLer provides your BMW M2 CS the finishing touch with high-quality and ultra-light 20″ FORGED wheels. All dAHLer FORGED wheels for the BMW M2 CS F87 are manufactured at an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility, in Germany according to the latest regulations to fulfill the highest safety standards.

dAHLer has designed a wheel which meets the highest demands with maximum strength and at the same time the lowest weight. The True greatness for the BMW M2 CS F87 to develop the maximum performance of your M2 CS.

So, give your BMW M2 CS something to set apart from the crowd with a 20 inch dAHLer wheel and tire package.


  • significantly improved longitudinal and lateral dynamics
  • significantly improved acceleration and deceleration values due to the lower accelerated mass
  • improved and more agile handling/steering behavior
  • high-quality paint (powder coating) for perfect protection of the forged wheel surface
  • with integrated FORGED and dAHLer lettering

BMW M2 CS: Pedal Set

dAHLer matt aluminium pedal set for BMW M2 CS F87

dAHLer matt aluminum pedal pads for BMW with Manual, SMG or Automatic Transmission are a visually appealing and functional addition to the vehicle interior.

A dAHLer matt aluminum pedal set for BMW cars is a direct replacement for the original rubber pedal pads and are a perfect complement to the BMW interior finish and trim.

The pronounced rubber profiles on the gas, brake or clutch pedals offer a firm hold and protect against slipping.

dAHLer aluminum pedal pads for BMW feature a brushed matt aluminum surface with raised rubber inserts. Depending on the transmission the dAHLer pedal cover kit includes aluminum clutch, brake, and accelerator pedals that are screwed to the stock pedal assemblies (flush-fit hardware included).

The clutch pedal is not used on the SMG and DCT-equipped models.

The dAHLer aluminum brake or clutch pedal pad is screwed to the standard pedal using 4 screws and nuts. The accelerator pedal pad is attached to the series pedal with 3 plastic self-tapping screws.

The asymmetrical and three-dimensional design of the rubber profiles give the foot-well a dynamic character.

Aluminum Pedal Pads BMW

BMW M2 CS: Floor Mats

dAHLer Floor Mats for BMW M2 CS F87

dAHLer floor mats deluxe edition in black tuft velour
fiber material 100% polyamide, backing latex-fine-
profile for excellent grip, high-quality appearance
includes all necessary holders and attachment parts

The dAHLer floor mats give the vehicle an individual
sporty touch even in the foot area.

With Logo and lettering

Set consisting of:
Two floor mats front with dAHLer logo and lettering
Two floor mats rear

The vehicle type must be specified before ordering
For Left Hand Drive cars only

BMW M2 CS tuning spoiler carbon wheels exhaust

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