BMW 1 series 128ti tuning M Style Mirror Caps

THE 1 – BMW 1 series 128ti F40 Tuning

A tuned BMW 128ti is probably the strongest and only real alternative to the M135i xDrive.

No doubt that the top dog of the 1 series F40 is the M135i xDrive. Nevertheless, the BMW 128ti F40 upgraded by dAHLer offers a real alternative in terms of performance.

Go in the fast lane with your 1 series 128ti and unleash up to 313 hp (230 kW) and impressive 500 Nm (367 ft-lbs) of torque and control the power via your smartphone with the available dAHLer Competition Line engine performance tuning upgrade and leave a lasting impression with your dAHLer customized BMW 128ti.

Our Engine tuning performance upgrades work with cars before and after production 06/2020!

dAHLer Competition Line offers a broad range of BMW tuning performance products for all of the BMW 1 series F40 such as engine tuning performance upgrades, coil-over suspensions, lowering kits, Eventuri carbon air intake, forged and alloy wheels, interior parts as well as chassis tuning components like M Style mirror caps that will transform your stock BMW 1 series into a true Ultimate Driving machine.

THE 1 – BMW 1 series 128ti F40: Engine Performance Tuning


Max HP gain:
48 hp / 35 kW

Max Torque gain:
100 Nm / 74 ft-lbs

WLTP-E6d-temp tested and EU/CH
homologated by the German TUV

THE 1 – BMW 1 series 128ti F40

BMW 128ti based on 265 hp (195 kW), 400 Nm (lb-ft 295):

Enhanced power: 313 hp (230 kW), 500 Nm (369 ft-lbs)
based on 98 octane gas rating

– WLTP-E6d-temp tested and EU/CH homologated by the German TUV
– Engine Performance Tuning Module includes wiring harness


– Power gains of up to 45 hp to the wheels on a stock vehicle
– Quick Plug & Play Installation (less than 45 min)
– Runs as smoothly as stock, this is how your 128ti should have come from the factory
– Compatible with all driving modes
– Fuel economy unchanged during normal driving
– Ethanol (E93 or less) compatible tuning maps
– Not VIN locked, can be removed without a trace and resold down the road
– Developed in Switzerland, manufactured in Germany
– Worldwide 3-year product warranty

App Control

Controlling of the dAHLer Engine Performance Upgrade via your smartphone is just one of the awesome features of our tuning module.

With our tuning module you have the option to choose your own and fully customizable driving program. Wirelessly connect the dAHLer engine tuning performance module to your Bluetooth 4.0 compatible iOS and Android device via the free dAHLer Mobile app.

This option allows you to change 3 different performance maps, and update the firmware worldwide as we release free newer versions with updates, more powerful maps. If desired the extra power can be easily switched on or off with your smartphone, even while driving.

Our app includes a configurable warm-up timer, so the pilot can decide how long warming up is needed before using the engine tuning. A separate Mobile app purchase is not required!

We will provide you the app after the purchase of our engine performance upgrade free of charge.

dAHLer mobile app settings dAHLer mobile app registration

THE 1 – BMW 1 series 128ti F40: EVENTURI Carbon Intake

Acceleration Time:
95 km/h – 210 km/h -> 60 -130 mph reduced by 0.5 seconds

THE 1 – BMW 1 series F40: Power Pedal

Our Performance Tuning Power Pedal can be installed in all BMW 1 series F40 and is ready for use immediately after installation and will give your BMW 1 series F40 a 10% quicker acceleration.

THE 1 – BMW 1 series F40: Performance Lowering Kit

Performance Lowering Springs are the first step in suspension performance enhancement. A dAHLer lowering kit for the BMW 1 series F40 is a performance spring set created for the serious enthusiast.

A sports spring set with the lowest possible drop for the 1 series but with the exceptional ride quality you expect from a high-class tuner like dAHLer.

THE 1 – BMW 1 series F40 128ti: FORGED Wheel Set

The true greatness for the BMW 1 series 128ti F40

Where others draw a final Line at 19″, dAHLer provides your BMW 1 series F40 128ti the finishing touch with the exclusive ultra-light 20″ FORGED wheel dAHLer CDC1 FORGED.

dAHLer has designed a wheel which meets the highest demands with maximum strength and at the same time the lowest weight.

THE 1 – BMW 1 series F40 without M brakes: Complete 20” Wheel and Tire Package

dAHLer light alloy wheel and tire packages in 20 inch for the BMW F40 without M brakes are not only much more attractive than most of the heavy stock BMW alloy wheels they are mostly lighter and therefore require less energy to rotate.

So, give your BMW 1 series F40 something to set apart from the crowd with a dAHLer 20 inch wheel and tire package.

THE 1 – BMW 1 series F40: Chassis Tuning

Give your BMW 1 series something to set apart from the crowd with a set of exterior M style mirror caps in high-gloss black or a double slat kidney grille.

THE 1 – BMW 1 series F40: Pedal Set

dAHLer matt aluminum pedal pads for BMW 1 series F40

THE 1 – BMW 1 series F40: Floor Mats

dAHLer Floor Mats for BMW 1 series F40

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